There’s a huge catalog of music I’ve done or been involved in to be found in a single source right here on the Internet. I’ve uploaded everything I could find as archival and continue to add new content. It is free of charge to watch and listen to.

The site is organized into play-lists. Each contains a series of videos that represent an album/CD, live performance or common theme. Live performances and virtual albums are sequenced in order of tracks or set list, faithful to the original. Therefore, if you play the first selection of the play-list, the others will follow automatically as originally performed or intended.

There are over 200 uploads. I’ve included a few that are not my own, but would not exist on the Internet had I not put them up, giving access to local work that otherwise would be lost because the artists have passed.

Please feel free to visit and share. The work dates back to 1978 and there are many different versions of some of the same songs as interpreted by different times and different musicians.  It is my hope that you enjoy it as much as I do sharing it.

Here’s the link:


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